Complicated but please help!

Firstly ill start with this guy I was dating.. we were dating for about 2 weeks we had sex then didn't speak to me for a week then this morning he text me ans asks y I haven't been replying to his texts (which never existed) so I'm kinda giving him the cold shoulder cause I'm thinking he's just using me for sex..

Next is my ex.. we broke up about a month ago pretty much cause he was unhappy.. we have been hanging out again for the past week and I keep asking him where this is going and he says he doesn't know but he thinks it should end, thing is he keeps saying he wants to see me and misses me etc I won't give him sex even though I know he would never use me for that cause he still loves and cares for me ( we were together for 3 yrs) I know he's confused and he's got a lot going on atm, I don't know what I should to or just move on from both of them.. I like them both :(


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  • ever workout?

    • Errrrrm guy was a d***.. Lives away now. Over it but things with my ex are even worse.. Should have ended it a while ago.