When flirting, do texts mean more to girls than boys?

I notice if I'm texting boys that like me 6/10 times they seem less excited about texting me back becasue it takes longer for them to reply or they don't ever text first.


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  • Everything means more to girls

    • Oh the truth as it is. Stupid sensitive girls. *sigh

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    • But what if he cares about her? ;P

    • Even when guys care they still ignore or hold off on answering texts/calls

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  • I'll admit it. A text is nothing. To be honest when I get one unless it's someone really important and it's something that needs to be answered; I don't see a problem with ignoring it for a while.

    • Even if you totally like a girl texting you?

    • I admit, sometimes I'll push the phone away.

      Though my thoughts on the matter may not be placed so highly. I was raised by a single mother on divisibility so I didn't have a few things things normal children had. I only got a cellphone a few years ago. It's something I've lived without for 95% of my whole life so I don't value it that much.

    • Ahhhh I see. I bought a cellphone on my first job. I was about 17.

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  • No actually I prefer for a guy to call, I'm old fashion. However, I have a guy friend that is intrested in dating me and all he does is text me or email me :/ Maybe the guys don't know how to reply or they are busy. good luck!