How to know where I stand compared with other guys?

I've almost never dated, just hanged out a few times, so I don't have relationship experience with women. I am educated and attractive physically but I don't have too much of other things like money, friends etc.

I always aspired to the top girls, but now I just want to find my place, a girl who is right for me. I see lots of girls who are treated badly or are coupled with jerks and I'm sure there are many girls I can make happy, but maybe just like me they are hidden.

So how do I find what my place is in the dating world compared with other men ?


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  • Not that high to me.

    You're low in my dating world

  • Attractive physically and educated are two great qualities to start with, some girls will run from the lack of money and others will run if you don't have friends to party with. If you're looking for "your place" however, the women that run from those two things aren't the ones you want anyway. Let's put it this way, if she's really into you, she isn't going to care if you have a lot of money or no money at all (just don't be a homeless change beggar), nor will she care much about who your friends are (or that you don't have many).

    I tried online dating, met some of the "pretty boys," as I would refer to them and they just weren't looking for anything serious. At the same time I went out and hung out with others I may not have found initially attractive, but found interesting and guess which I ended up... A broke guy I'm now head over heels for with what seems to be a limited number of friends... So, just by pure experience, there's a girl out there for you, its just hard to find them. If you live in a larger area (metro) where you can try a dating site I wouldn't stray away from it, you can meet a lot of people that way and may end up liking someone not based on your "first impression," but rather something your attracted to on many levels.


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