Awkward end to an overall good first date, is there any way to recover?

So last night I had my first date with this guy who I really like. Things were going really well, good conversation with few pauses, until the check came. The waiter asked if we were ready, he responded yes, and sensing it was probably a first date asked awkwardly if it was all on one check, I think he confused my date who wasn't really paying attention and to make the awkwardness go away I reached for my wallet and offered to pay for my dinner. The waiter went to prepare the check, and my date asked what just happened. I explained that I offered to pay for my portion, and he told me he felt awkward because he always pays. I told him it was fine, it is the 21st century a girl can pay for her dinner, and added he could pay for the next one. So as we were walking out I asked if he would like to try this little cafe with me sometime, which confused him and led to even more awkwardness. Then before I left I wanted to confirm that he was coming to my birthday celebration, he said he was but his answer wasn't a clear yes. So then he said he had a good time and he had to go, we parted ways and left. About an hour after I got home I sent him a text thanking him, letting him know I had a good time and that I hoped we could do it again, I know he recieved it as we are both verizon users, but haven't received anything in reply. I know he had a long day and was tired and stressed due to him graduating in a few days as he told me at the beginning, and that might have led to all the awkwardness at the end as it was a bit late.

Speaking of his graduation, he invited me to his celebration a couple of weeks ago and asked again last night, at the beginning before all the awkwardness. I told him maybe as I had a prior commitment that day, I just was unsure of the time. Do you think I should go? Or do you think it could be even more awkward after the disastrous end to our first date? Chances are it would be a lot of his family and friends, none of whom I know. I would like to reiterate I really do like this guy, but I don't know if he feels the same after last night.


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  • i think yorue over analyzing the entire "awkwardness"

    he felt bad about not paying, I'm not too sure wha twas awkward about the cafe thing? maybe you're just over thinking the situation here...try not to do that, because you will eventually make it awkward even if it isn't in the first place...


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