What did you think his reasoning was for dumping me all of a sudden?

I was with my ex for about 3 months, known each other for about 6 months. In the beginning things were good, he told me he loved me on the third date which was a month in of dating. He told me he wants to be here through thick and thin and wants to make it work with me, I was having doubts before and then gave him a chance.

I have put more effort into the relationship then he did, i was over at his place more than he was at my house, I always asked when to hang out and he made it a big deal when to hang out. He never made time for me. Him and his parents smoked a lot, when it was just us two he was good with it but when it came to me being over i was drench of the smell of cigarettes. I talked to him about it. I made him and his mom cry and say they will do better (which they did a little but not as much). I mentioned it to him again and everything seemed fine. He was slowly not telling me exactly his work schedule and would tell me when he has it off right before.

He was mentioning this is what happened with his exes and the same thing is going to happen/ dumped him. He played with my emotions saying things were fine and next he's not sure if he can get over what I said.. (I worded it wrong making it seem like his family needed to do better, which they did but i needed to do work myself)

Anyways we talked about it before and said we will come up with a solution. When i met up with him recently, he let me do the talking and i let him talk but he said nothing until after he casually brought up that he needed to work on myself and he doesn't want to bring me into this. He made me in a deal to talk about this in a months time. He was even surprised that I gave him back his house keys and his shirt. He also ended up blocking me on social media (saying it was temporarily for the pain), changed his profile pic after I did but still kept our pic on his social media..
What did you think his reasoning was for dumping me all of a sudden?
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