I've Reached a dead end with dating, what now?

So I'm nearly 17 and never dated, not a HUGE deal, but it is starting to get frustrating seeing all of my friends date and have fun with their significant other. I'm pretty and I know it, but there's only so many guys at my school to chose from and I've decided that if they haven't shown interest yet, they never will.

What do I do now that basically no guy at my school is right for me, and the ones that are are either taken or not interested? :(


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  • Don't worry about it to much. I'm in the exact situation except opposite since I'm a guy. I think the last time I had a girlfriend was in 7th grade but that doesn't count haha. My best advice is try not to think so negative. Just be positive, happy, and get out there and have some fun. I know that advice on relationship type stuff is ALWAYS easier said than done, trust me. But the best thing to do is just be your self and have some fun. We are both young, we just have to get out there and have a good time with some friends. One day what's meant to be will happen.

    Good luck kiddo! :D

    • Hey who you calling kiddo? Hahaa jk, but yeah what you said is very true, I guess I just hate waiting, like I feel like I'm wasting my youth >.< lol. Idk! But yeah, do you have any tips on where to go to meet guys or idk, funny pickup lines? hahahaaha

    • Hang out with your guy friends more even if you couldn't ever see yourself with them, you never know. Another option is to branch out at school. Again, easier said than done, but give it a shot. Please don't be someone your not though. You will only hurt yourself that way. Be confident but not cocky. To do this just be yourself and don't care about how people judge you. If they have a problem with you being you then that's there problem, not yours. Someone will notice that and respect you for it.

    • thanks ;)

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  • hey, you will find someone :) I'm 21 and never dated a girl so its allright, just means you won't lower your standards to someone who isn't right for you :) message me or add me as a friend and we can talk more

    -Humble Christian 21

  • Wait for college. HS relationships are pointless in the end, anyway. Everyone goes to different colleges, almost none survive that.

  • Wait until you're out of school and you have even FEWER boys to choose from.

    • whyy? College is more guys? But I don't want to go off to college and have no dating experience, so I'm focusing on now, do you have any tips? O.o

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