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Was I right to have left him?

I really like a guy at first I could not understand his reactions, I dug deeper and understood that he could not move on from his first relationship. So I put it on the carpet and told him to let go of her since she has already moved on. I gave him all tips on how to move on and told him to help himself. I started to analyzed his action and was surprised that he did consider some of my tips. So I said Oki I can invite him on a date, which I did yesterday. Then today I saw that he still love that girl's pic on fb after I talked to him so much. He could simply like her picture. Instead he love it. To me it felt like he was trying to misguide me. I told he same and told him since I already gave my words for the date, I can't take it back. It's up to him to accept or reject.
Did I do right or wrong? He already knows that I want a serious relationship with him and I chased him since 5 months.
Was I right to have left him?
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