What your opinion on online dating websites?

Do you use one? Would you? Why? Why not? Would you look down on someone if you found out they were using one? What if it were one of your friends?


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  • I'm not really a fan of the notion of dating websites. Just because they don't seem very natural, and I can imagine a lot of people having unrealistic expectations, focusing too much on looks perhaps. I'm not, however, against the idea of dating someone you have met online, provided you meet them of course. I think one of the plus points of the whole net-thing is that you can likely find someone a lot more compatible personality wise than you would be by just being generally sociable and meeting people in real life. I'm always disappointed by the lack of variation in real life, I'm disappointed by women generally in real life. Apparently those sites nowadays match on personality too, which I reserve judgement for as I know little about it. I think generally online dating seems a bit redundant, since you should be able to meet people in real life, if you're living an active and dynamic life. Whether I look down on them depends on their other characteristics. IE whether they're fickle and this is a new fancy, or whether they seem desperate. If those two apply obviously I wouldn't have favourable views. Other than that, I don't have a negative opinion. None of my business, not something I can judge.