How to compliment boyfriend?

Say I'm lame all you want, but I actually don't know how to compliment my boyfriend. We've been dating like a month and I've called him cute one time I think. I wanna tell him how good looking I think he is, but a)my face will go red cause it always does whenever I compliment someone (dont ask), and b) I don't just want to say 'oh you're hot' I want to say in a cute way

how should I say it for the 1st time without going red, and how can I find a good way to say it?

Once I get past actually complimenting him without my face going all red, how often should I compliment him without overdoing it?*
Thanks guys for your answers :)


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  • Ooo I feel for you, I used to get all embarrassed and self conscious when I complimented my boyfriend. I think you just gotta go for something that's most natural and something that's cute/sweet/flirty rather than a direct your hot. I liked when my boyfriend would dress nice because you can go for a simple "I love when you wear _____________ like that, you look really cute". Or you go for a playful "someone's looking nice today" with a cheesy smile/nudge. You don't have to declare your love to the world or stare him in the eyes your just giving the boy a compliment. Think about how he compliments you and just change it so it fits him. You can even start out on complimenting him on how well he does things or how awesome you think he is, there isn't any wrongs in complimenting, it just has to be personal for him. And as for how often I would say at least once a day. Its a healthy thing to have in a relationship, it makes him feel good. If he told you your beautiful everyday you would feel pretty good about yourself so just do the same for him in making him feel good. Happy complimenting! :)


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  • Let it come out naturally.


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  • Say what you think, when you think it.

    For instance, if you see him coming towards you and he's looking extra fine, tell him with a little grin.

    And, if you guys are comfortable enough with each other to use the L word, random compliments never hurt

    E.g. "You know what I love about you? ... "

    One hint is to not just throw all his compliments back at him

    For example,

    Him: You have beautiful eyes

    You: So do you

    The above is not a compliment. Using the same one back at them just makes you look fake and undermines theirs.

    It's always a good idea to not wait for them to compliment you so that you can return the favour, unless you have a totally unique, sincere thing to say to him. Complimenting him on your own account when you two are alone is always sweet, followed by a flirty little kiss or physical touch.

    As long as you mean what you say, and it feels right to say it, you'll be fine.

    And don't worry about the blushing when you say it, just reassures him that you mean what you say. It's cute (:

  • Whenever you go out with him and he compliments you, you can say " you look handsome as well" or" you're not so bad looking either", Or if you like the way a certain garment looks on him you can say " You look hansome in that shirt" or " like the way you look in that, you're so handsome" don't be shy when you say it. say it in a playful or flirty tone ;) hope this helps, good luck!

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