Smileys when texting?

I want to know how much do you use smileys when texting and what do some of them mean when I'm texting with a guy

Like these

:3 : B ;P


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  • I use LOTS of smileys when I text or anything for that matter :)

    :3- means you're kinda looking or thinking about something cute and your like 'aww!'

    :B- No idea XD I don't use that one, looks like someone eating two cookies to me :)

    ;P- Sort of flirty, you wink as you stick your tongue out :D

    :)- Smile!

    :D- Laugh,

    \(^^)/- YAY!

    :O- Shocked,

    B)- Smiling in sunglasses,

    >:)- Evil devil,

    =_==- Tired,

    -.-/-_-- Bored,


    ;) wink,

    • Whats snakey for? xD

    • haha I just us it sometimes :)~~~~~ no particualr reason, its cool *_*

      Oh yeah, *_* means shocked/awestruck

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  • wel I do a lot of smileys while texting like Yaay!


    :D smile and show the teeths large teeths

    :P showing a tounge in a teasing way

    :? don't understand

    :)) Laughing

    :) just a smile

  • :3 means heart, or love

    :B I never learned

    :P or ;P is just sticking your tongue out and or winking at the same time

    :) means smile

    :D means laughing

    ;) means wink

    all of these are used quite frequently, as to ensure the feeling behind something that is said. if you say "i hate you" and you don't includ :P or :D next to it, we'll think its real, which means to us, to stop texting you


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  • i love them!, because you know how someone feels<3