What are my options to love, marriage and sex?

I want to get married and have kids someday. I'm pretty successful financially and generally have my life together. But I do not approach women and will not. I am quiet and wait for women to take the initiative. To me that's negotiable, as in I won't make the first move.

So what are my options to love, marriage, sex etc? I'm assuming many men of my position due quite well with women without pursuing.


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  • Same as a woman that does not & will not approach.


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  • Well, you might want to learn the difference between non-negotiable, and negotiable.

    Then, you might want to rethink your position.

    It's true that wealthy men get pursued by a certain class of woman. Gold digging whores, for the most part. Anna Nicole Smith types. There's no real love or affection involved there.

    What you should probably do, like an alcoholic standing up at his first AA meeting, is admit to yourself (if no one else) that the reason you don't want to approach women has nothing to do with having standards or some such. It's because you're scared to. You're not the life and soul of the party who just doesn't happen to make the first move. You're quiet, by your own admission. That's as close as you got to admitting that you're basically shy. You're terrified of rejection and you don't want any woman to have the power to reject you.

    Normal, healthy males not only pursue women, and get them, they also learn how to deal with rejection in a healthy manner.

    Guys who are wall-flowers, and come up with reasons why they are wall-flowers, are generally cripplingly shy, or have other issues which prevent them from acting in a normal healthy manner.

    If you persist in waiting for the metaphorical zebra to come to you and disembowel itself and put itself between your jaws... well, you'll be waiting a long time. Millions of years of evolution have made it so that the most successful genetic lines are the ones where males pursue their prey

    • And your social darwinism explains higher birth rates among the impoverished, illegals, uneducated people and those in third world countries how exactly?

      Yeah, I went there.

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    • And I suggest you admit that you're terrified of making the first move with a girl.

      I know which of our suggestions is the more useful, as well as which will be ACTED upon.

    • Unfortunately the laws of nature are beneath me

      , as I've evolved past them.