Am I already old news to him?

I meant this guy on a business trip, we are both single and I go to this town about once a month. For the first 4-5 months following our initial meeting, we would fool around, but not have intercourse, because he said intercourse is only to be done when in you are really intimate with someone and I can respect that. We would text often, ,many times a week. Now (it took about 5 month) when I see him (about once a month) we have amazing sex, but I don't hear from him anymore in between my visits, or barely.

Is he already taking me for granted? Is the fact that we are now having sex means the chase is over, what's up...I use to love the attention...oh yeah, there is no intention of getting serious here, we just have an amazing attraction to each other and are both single.


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  • Gee, it really sounds like he doesn't want a lot of communication (LD or local) as this would expose his sexual relations with you ... to whom? His buddies - no. HIs other dates - maybe. His secret wife or sig others - yes. Sorry I suggest this with no evidence, but if your not hanging around him 24/7 then you really can't be sure w/o hiring a pvt d*** ... or can you?

    What if you gave him the confidence in sex he lacked to go get sex from others, more local & more frequently ... but he doesn't want to give you up nor be found out sex with him is not exclusive?

    I suggest you make a surprise visit and don't call him until you are right outside his door.

    • You make some very good points.

  • well you are old so I would rule out anything serious


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