Should I tell my friends with benefits how I feel?


we were seeing each other 3 years ago and he told me he would make me his girlfriend except for the fact he was moving far away and didn’t want long distance. We argued then and didn’t speak for a year. During that time he also moved back home.

The following year we started sleeping together again, however we always avoided any discussions about feelings.

Soon after i got into a new relationship and me and my friends with benefits stopped seeing each other. However, since i have broken up with my last boyfriend me and my friends with benefits have started sleeping together again. We talked casually on text a little and jokingly said it was because he liked me and i liked him, but he’ll also call me mate.

Should i tell him how i feel or not? i don’t want to ruin something if i am able to put my feelings to one side.
1 y
so we’ve been texting everyday for the past week but he’s been acting really hot and cold with it. sometimes he’s properly talking then other times it’s one word answers or just nothing just a picture of his face?
Should I tell my friends with benefits how I feel?
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