Where are you most likely to find approachable women?

I mean women who are fun to be with eve if unavailable or uninterested in you.



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  • Find a hobby. Seriously! It can be anything, I'll use my own experience as an example. I like motorcycles, so I go to motorcycle events, talk about them online to other enthusiasts, and ride around town with some of them. I've met a ton of good friends because before we even spoke to each other, we had something in common. This gives both of you something to talk about without it getting personal at all. It is the best way IMO to really get to know a girl.

    You can turn almost any hobby of yours into something social.

    • Yes, I've tried that, but many girls are 'onto' this and think we are ONLY there to meet them, and are pretty hostile But still it's a good idea.

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    • As I said, it's a good idea, but believe me women are pretty suspcious of your motives...it's not easy even in these venues. And I'm sure lots of the guys think you're only there to meet them; the fact they don't 'cross the line' could be for a lot of reasons. For one thing, they assume you've got a biker boy friend around, for sure...

      My point is that there aren't many 'safe' or 'good' places these days, for anyone.

    • Unfortunately a few bad men will ruin it for all men. Just like a few unfriendly women are ruining your image of the typical girl. Once you've been harassed by one man, it can make you defensive. You shouldn't get offended, these girls are just trying to protect themselves. Most of my biker friends have a significant other, and I am friends with their wives/girlfriends too. It is a very nice group, we all trust each other and protect each other.

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  • bar


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  • That depends on the type of women you're looking for since they'll be around the areas that host their leisure activities. In general, I would suggest libraries, parks, gym, volunteering or on a metro.


    • You know there's an unwritten rule about the gym, usually you'll get reported to the management...

  • In any drunken nightspot, pubs, clubs, bars etc. People are always more approachable when they're drunk (apart from the odd male arsehole who thinks he's fantastic)

    Also drunken women who are 'unavailable' can easily become 'available' when they're drunk ;) hahahaha

    • Is that really much fun though?

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    • Ditto on it being fun for younger guys. We don't care about finding a serious girl, so the drunken one will do. But if you want something serious, you might find a lot to be a waste of your time.

    • Approaching a girl for sex... drunk in a nightspot

      Approaching a potential girlfriend... I'll think about that when it interests me ;) hahaha

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