How to respond to this message?

My mom and one of her friends have been trying to set myself and my mom's friend's son up on a date. This is part of the message he sent me (keep in mind this is just part of it, not the entire thing):

So our moms seem to think that we should hang out sometime, as funny as that sounds. What do you think?

How should I respond to that? Tell him my work schedule (I work until midnight on weekdays so it can make things difficult...) and like give him my number? Or should I just let it stay casual and not give him my number until we meet and I see what I think of him?

(Oh, and he said it seems funny because he's 31 and I'm 22 but our mom's seem to think it's a great idea anyway! haha)


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  • hahaha wow I thought I was the only one this happens too. I know how you feel girl. My grandma is trying to set me up too with her friend's grandson & my mom's friend is already calling me "future daughter in law" I haven't even met these guys :P ...If you don't want to go along with it then just make an excuse that shows that you are too busy for a relationship right now. On the other hand, if you don't want to feel guilty about the whole thing, then go out with the guy just to keep your mom and her friend off your back. Who knows, maybe there will be chemisty, and if not, well at least you tried. Good luck!