Hasn't responded to text?

So I met this girl on Friday morning, it was like 2am she just turned 18 5 days ago she was sober, I was too and after I did an excellent cold read and talked to her for a while found out we have lots in common and that maybe it was meant to be and that she could be my first real girlfriend.She was really into me I could tell, we had constant eye contact and she was smiling and laughing the whole time, so I got her number and Facebook, hugged her and said goodbye.

I added her when I got home, just because I was on at the time. Then I texted her a few hours later at like 11am to see what's up and whatnot but she never replied. I haven't sent another text but I'm kinda overthinking it and getting worried. I'm going to call her as soon as I get up just to see if she got my text etc. and propose a date.

But then my friend was saying her friend may have changed her mind, or she maybe got thoughts because I'm a confident 22 year old...but I told her I'm not at all like that and I've been waiting for the one. And she's still a virgin too so we share the same romantic ideals.

So basically all I wanna know is, why hasn't she responded to my text? could it be a simple phone error or is/could there be a deeper reason?


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  • maybe your trying to hard?

    Maybe she was stoked at the time that some older guy asked for her number. But now that she rethinks it, it's not the best thing for her?

    Also all the pressure of being "your one" had her rethink contacting you.

    or maybe she didn;t give you the right number?

    I would wait til she messages you.(phone text wise or Facebook wise) and if she doesn't then she' s not interested.

    • well I know for a fact she gave me the right number and I'm gonna call her anyway just to check

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  • Maybe she's busy.


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  • maybe you are too hasty , give her some time .

    say hi again in an sms, if she still ignores you then she is not interested

    keep out of asking her for a date and making things real serious with her (the one and so on ), after all she is young and she is still a virgin too , that tells you she is not a hasty person .

    take things with her more slowly with a lot of care

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