What am I doing wrong when it comes to guys?

I'm a good looking girl, that might sound like I'm up myself but I'm a model so I guess that kind of thing is something that I just know. I have a really good sense of fashion, and no matter where I go I stand out in the crowd. OK please stop thinking I sound like a bitchy ha ha the only reason I'm saying this is because there wouldn't be much point to my question if I wasn't honest. I have hardly any experience with guys and I just don't know what I'm doing wrong


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  • I answered question like this (probably by you). You should ask people who know you. It is probably some small thing you are doing, that makes guys think that you don't want them approach you. I cannot tell. maybe we can talk and I figure it out. But it is almost futile, when I don't see how you act. So ask your friend. Male friend is better, but female is good too. And go out. And see what he/she says about you (if they would approach you and why).

    But ... it is probably just that you look like you don't want them to come to you. It is probably possible that you are that beautiful, that most of the guys think there is no chance they can be with you and they don't even try or something like that. Simple solution: When you are out, make it somehow clear that you want men to approach you. Example: When you are in music club, go to DJ ask for song you like and microphone and say that you need partner for your favorite song. I bet more than one will show up. Well 50:50 that at least three will show up. Do you take the bets?

    And one more thing ... yes, first moment I seen your question I wanted to talk to you. Cause I am interested! And because I know you want to know somebody new.


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  • You might be too caught up in your looks. Which is fair enough, because your not experienced enough to know what else is important. Its difficult for the pretty people to learn that kinda stuff, rather than people who aren't attracted because of their looks, because they don't get to learn easily.

    You should talk to guys of your own volition. Approach them, you know. Such gutfulness will be rewarded more times than you can fathom.

  • In what world do you think you've provided anoe enough information to answer your question?


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  • My boyfriend says:

    Ok, so like the other guy says, we can't really help you because you haven't told us what you're doing around guys. But, as a general rule, there are a couple of things that could be going "wrong" here. I'll start with the one that's most... uh... hurtful, and move to the most flattering by the end.

    1) Looks aren't everything. You're a model, so you've obviously spent a lot of time on how you look, which is wonderful, but if that's all you have going for you, well then you're S.O.L. As a side note, having good fashion sense is great, but I've found it isn't generally a quality that guys have thought was a make or break thing.

    2) Could be that you're not noticing the signs that a guy is interested in you. If that's the case, then he's not going to go for it because he thinks you're uninterested yourself.

    3) It is very possible that you're intimidating to approach. I know a lot of guys who won't go up to the "model pretty" girl because they don't think she'd ever be into them. It's hard to get out there, but just generally being more outgoing and confident can do wonders.

    Hope that helped.