How long between dates..?

OK here's how it goes I have dated a few times but have only made it to a second date once..

My problem is I try to move to fast or to slow.. So I'm wondering how long should one date be to another..

Also I know you should call the night after or the day after but any advice on talking to the girl after a date would help to.. What should I say what shouldn't I say..


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  • It's really difficult to tell. If I like someone, I'm all about him calling the next day. If I'm kinda on the fence or don't really like him, a phone call that quick would probably put me off a little.

    That's not very helpful, but I find it all depends on the person and situation. You gotta read people so that you can figure out how to go about things.


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  • Hello,

    Chances are the reason your not getting a 2nd date has little to do with time taken between dates and more about how you were in the 1st date, think back to how you were, how did you act, is there a pattern?.. did you meet these women out in the world before the date or are they blind dates/ style dates?

    if you me them in a pud/club I would sugest its your actions in date num 1 if not then there just not into you when you first meet them..

    if a women is into you after date num one and you called her the very next day and asked her out for the following weekend she would agree, its that simple..

    Good Luck