How do I move on after my date lied to me for six months?

How do I get over someone who lied to me? Basically, I befriended this guy (we'll call him John) a year ago. After 5 months of flirting, we officially began dating. We had great chemistry. Things were awesome - we were seeing each other every day, and he asked me to be his girl on our second date. He treated me really well, said some things about how he could never ignore me, how we were "perfect" for each other, and how he would be so sad to EVER lose me (granted, I thought it was a bit weird to be saying these things so early). We were in a relationship for 6 months until he ghosted me out of nowhere. I was super hurt and tried to recover and just move on. Until one day he sent me a picture of him with a girl & baby. Basically the whole time we dated he had a pregnant ex-girlfriend, who he was planning to just... abandon? He went to meet the baby and that's why he chose to start ghosting me... He confessed he had a kid and had decided to get into a relationship with the baby mama (he told me it was because of me... wtf). He hadn't told anyone including his family. Now he's fully moved in with his baby-mama and the baby. I don't know how to feel. I'm angry and extremely hurt. I NEVER would have dated him had I known he was expecting a kid... I don't really know what to do with all these emotions and I'm not sure how I could trust someone again. This was really out of nowhere - and nobody who knew him saw it coming. How do I move on after something like this? Any tips?
How do I move on after my date lied to me for six months?
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