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Was I right to feel ghosted?

i had been chatting to a guy from a dating site around 5 or 6 weeks, meeting up just never materialised giving his job and the pandemic. The texting became less and less over time. This was fine. But then it got to a point were he wasn't even responding. I would text again after a day or so and he'd always be straight online to respond even though he said he was so busy.

Eventually we video chatted for only 20 minutes because he said he was so tired. After the video call I didn't hear a thing for a day or two so of course I reached out again first, mainly because I was super paranoid he didn't like me in "person" l, he responded a couple of texts and then again left me on read.

I left it for a full week and didn't hear a single thing. So last night I sent a message saying if he didn't wanna talk to me he could have just been honest and it's really not a nice thing to be ghosted. He responded again within minutes about how busy he's been and kind of snapped at me a little and said we're not exactly clicking are we? I said I suppose not, but you told me you weren't comfortable with me talking to a few people (I put my dating app on hold during the time of getting to know him) basically I felt like I put my time on hold for him to get nowhere. I said anyway best of luck with your business and music.

I tried to leave it on a nice note. He never responded.

Anyway, now I've a ton of anxiety because I don't know if I should feel like I was being a bit demanding with him or right to call him on it? Did I overreact?
Was I right to feel ghosted?
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