Am I asking for too much, being selfish, or within my rights?

I haven't dated anyone in over 10 years, and I am considering dating again. However, I have a dillemma... My dillemma is that I am in my mid 30's, and I am not interested in (more like I don't want to be bothered with) dating women that are single parents. In fairness, I do not have children myself. Am I asking for too much?

In my Area, I have yet to find a blatantly single woman that has no children close to my age. I am perplexed of this considering I am a bit apprehensive of the concept of dating younger women--No offense intedned to younger women, but the young tend to be a bit more needy and play games--I have no time nor patience for games.

Nevertheless, my inquiry is prevailent due to many occurrences of confrontation (and an "intervention")from my family... My mother and stepfatehr both think that I am being selfish and not being a man of responsibility by not wanting to date or marry a woman with existing children. They were both parents when they were married 20 years ago, nonetheless. My (biological) father think that I am asking for too much and says that I should settle for the first woman that accepts me... I told him, that I would never, because there is a such thing as unrequited affections--In this case, she will be a victuim of such by a high probability.

I tried dating sites only to be encountered by liars and scammers... I detest liars, cheaters, and theives. I really don't go to bars because I do not drink, nor do I have an inclination to do so, for both religious and practical reasons. so meeting up at a dive bar is out of the question... Even now, If I were to find someonme interesting enough, I think I miss out because I am not aggressive in persuit of a woman--I am not shy, but due to past circumstances, I am cautious about getting too close to people sometimes... I just like to take things one step at a time.

I hear of women whining about "why do this man cheat" or "Where are all of the'good guys'", or whatever the case may be... But laugh when they bypass us for the jerks, because we prefer to take things slowly... I have never cheated nor will I ever (I'd rather kill myself, yet I am not suicidal) cheat.

Nevertheless, Am I asking for too much by wanting to only date women without children (Period, and I don't mean their children are adults or their chuildren are not in their custody...)?

Am I being selfish?

Or am I within my rights?
Am I asking for too much, being selfish, or within my rights?
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