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I don't know what we are?

We knew each other for a longer time but only lately we went out together and spend a week of vacation together.
We are now far from each other but I don't know what to expect really... We had good time together, we lived together for that short time but still we were spending 24hours with each other and still doing fine.

Then after vacation we came back to our homes and just texting from time to time. I really like him and would like to have something more but it seems that for him it is not a big deal even though when we are together he is the most amazing man ever... And he said he will come to visit me in some time and it's almost sure he will.

And I really want to see him but I guess we are nothing? And then what if during that time he will find someone and come to meet me..

Do you think it's fine to ask him what we are? Or it will be too pushy? I mean, we started to 'date' almost 2 months ago and maybe it's just obvious we are nothing and if I call him to ask, he will think I'm crazy because I already created something in my head..
I don't know what we are?
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