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What are dating app pros and cons?

This has likely been asked a bunch, but i honestly can't be bothered trying to search for them 😂🙈

I've been thinking of joining a dating app, can't decide, im no naive to understand a lot of different pros and cons of using them, -hello unsolicited dick pics 😂
But trying to determine if i should just bite the bullet and try it, i mean can always get rid of it right, or should i just not even bother?
Of course it would be amazing to meet someone in person, but lets be real here, A. covid makes this hard to do and B. This is kinda just the way of the world these days, everything is online...
Have you tried an app? How'd it go? How many duds do you have to go through before you actually find a genuine person?
Anything that can help would be awesome! 🙌
What are dating app pros and cons?
What are dating app pros and cons?
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