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What would you suggest I do?

I met this girl in a weird way. She was moving out of the place I was moving in to and I wanted to get to know her. There also was a sense of familiarity about her, as in I wasn't as nervous around here even though I struggle with staying calm around any girl I find attractive. So I decided to leave a card on her front door hoping she'd be back to pick up whatever might be left. She texted me and we met up for a drink. I think it went really well. We chatted for a really long time and the conversation just flowed from one thing to another. Called it a good night and the next day I texted her saying I had a lot of fun and enjoy being around her. Asked if she wanted to hang out again and she said later in the week. Now here is where I get anxious. In the past when a girl has said that to me she usually stops talking to me or becomes distant. I think my part in that was trying so hard to keep her interested or show that I am interested by trying to talk/text all the time. I don't want to scare this girl off so I'm doing my best to match her energy and not text until she does. Leaving things in her court so to speak. My brain is worried that she was just being nice and she's not interested in me. So what do you think? What do you do when you meet someone that has left such an impression that you find yourself thinking about what they say and you want to talk to them without coming off as crazy? Do you think me telling her that I like being around her and asking to hang out again is showing her that I am interested in her?
What would you suggest I do?
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