Do I go out with him or say 'Bump It'?

This has been bothering me allll day


So I met this really cool guy. We have been talking on the phone, skyping and IMing for like a month. We have great Chemistry and talk often about a lot of topics. He has been asking me out every week since our initial communication. Well I finally say okay let's hang out on Friday [we were both off] and he says cool. This is gonna be like a hang out time [sort of like our first date]. So allllll day, I am waiting for him to call so that we can agree on a time to meet up [he had a meeting that morning]. He calls throughout the day letting me know that he is still tied up and things are taking longer than expected. So now the afternoon is gone and it gets to be early evening. BOOM! He calls and says, can we do this Sunday. I'm free til 5pm. I said sure [being nice], but really I am ticked off. I wasted a perfectly good Friday for our first 'get-together' only to have it postponed.

I don't feel like I want to be bothered any further with him. What would you do [Yes, I was dressed and had my make up on while I was waiting]:

1. Do I go ahead and go out with him Sunday?

2. Or Tell him that I am not interested, 'No Thanks'?



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  • I would say go out with him on Sunday. Things could have just come up at work like he said, and he did care enough to call. If you two have good chemistry like you say you do just give it a try. And he has had the perseverance to keep asking you out every week. I'd say definitely give it a try!

    • Thanks! I am taking your advice and we are going out tonight ;)! Thanks again! By the way, he gave me the cancellation reason and it was a good one [family related]. He is still in my 'good guy' graces ;)

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    • I enjoyed his company BUTTTTTTTT... He didn't [1] Reach for the Bill or [2] Offer to Pay... smh I had to initiate payment and state "Do you wanna split the bill". That soured me to future outings with him... He asked to get together again before we parted ways, but I left it up in the air. I'm not feeling that he didn't pay. I'm old School with the first date.

    • I'm sorry it didn't go quite like you wanted it to. I agree with you that if the guy asks you out on a date he should pay. Question is if he thought it was a date. If it was just the two of you hanging out as friends getting to know each other then I'd understand maybe splitting the bill. I guess you'll find out if he just wants to be friends or something more. Maybe he is just taking it slow, who knows. Good luck though!

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