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Rushing into relationships. Good idea or bad idea?

I have a bad track record with relationships and have been hurt several times. I’m currently doing online dating and have started talking to this man today who seems more excited about meeting me than I am about him. My friend thinks it’s awesome and seems to be convinced I’m going to fall hopelessly in love with this guy (the guy seems to think that as well), but I’m not so sure just yet. I want to give it time and see if he’s someone that I could see myself falling in love with before planning the wedding and the white picket fence. I don’t want to repeat my track record with men, I just want to take it slow. My friend knows my track record and I know he’s only trying to help but while I think I’m only being practical and sensible, he thinks I’m being very pessimistic about men and possibly shutting out a great guy. My idea of being pessimistic is saying “all men are assholes, fuck all of them”, which is not what I’m doing at all. I just want to make sure we’re compatible and that I feel the same way about him that he feels about me. What do you all think? Am I really being practical or is my friend right?

Most of my relationships throughout my twenties where rushed, whirlwind relationships which ended with the guy deciding I wasn’t what he wanted and me being alone and heartbroken.
Rushing into relationships. Good idea or bad idea?
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