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How do I get over my "racism"?

I think it's a form of racism? But anyway backstory.. I grew up where in my fam, social circles would tell me how I shouldn't be getting with people who aren't Chinese.. coz of different cultures, beliefs, and stereotypes, etc. So like just growing up there was never a case in my mind to choose someone not Chinese. I was always a follower. If I'm not allowed something I don't push my own want over it I just let it go. And I just move on to others things as quickly.

Speed up to current I can't seem to get over this mentality? I don't find another race ugly or anything but it's like at the back of my head it's telling me it's not going to work out. I tried dating apps hoping by swiping to whoever I fancy physically I might connect but for some reason I've not really put effort in pushing for connections to people who aren't Chinese. It feels different. It's like when I know they are Chinese I am immediately more open. There's no barrier for me and I can imagine myself with this person. When they are of different race however it feels heavier... like I'm pushing myself to show interest.

It's not like I am against Chinese myself but I'm just weirded out by this limitation my consciousness is creating. Anybody who can relate here?
How do I get over my "racism"?
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