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Girls, Who would you date?

I am talking to two guys. I starting talking to one last December and the other in March this year.
The December guy is handsome, strong and very manly. He was in the military, he is now an athlete and a welder but not totally stable yet financially. He also moved back with his parents just before lockdown. He is a man of few words but we have great discussions about social issues or anything in the news when he doesn't get on my nerves which he does quite often because our opinions often clash lol. We don't have a lot in common but I like that he is always respectful, does things to please me and make me feel safe, sexy and appreciated.
The March guy is average, bald and not fit. He is the sweetest man I know. He has a stable job and his own house. This man is like a male version of me but even kinder. We have a lot in common and have fun like crazy. Our conversations never stop and he just brightens my days. I have issues with him though: I feel like he is too selfless sometimes, he also compliments me too much which can be cheesy, he loves shopping for random stuff which I hate and works too much. He restarted working out because I told him I like muscles and is starting to look good. He is the sweetest man I know, treats me like a queen, and a perfect gentleman.
Both are persistent even though I told them both I don't want to date right now. I also like them both. It is tight to pick between the two.
Girls, Who would you date?
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