30 d

Would you date a mean guy like that?

I met him from tinder. We hanged out and had dinner together.
He’s a lot older than me (40-50) , Arab, divorced and he is fat.(Very big)
I don’t really care about his appearance but He doesn’t has a good personality either. 😐
He is a racist!!! He asked me How many guys I met from tinder and I told him I met a black guy and we dated for a week.
Then He started talking about black people were slave , are dump , will never be faithful , things like that. It’s so mean. I just don’t know what to say.
We didn’t talk after the dinner and he suddenly texted me saying he can help paying my university if I date him because I mentioned things related before.
Just share this experience because I feel disgusted and unwell.
30 d
I’m just here to share experience and thoughts.
I don’t think it’s a problem sharing things that just happened to me. If anyone feel offended, I’m sorry. That paragraph is just all about my feelings.
Would you date a mean guy like that?
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