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Should I meet guys this way?

So I’ve been contemplating for a while now whether I should join a dating app or not. I had one last year senior year of high school but everyone found out and I was so embarrassed but that summer going into college I met my first boyfriend on there! My roommate had also been on tinder for a year and just found a boyfriend on there. I judged her at first which now I’m understanding why because it’s hard to meet people during this and I’m also a little shy. I’m 18 and have only been with one guy and we still tal casually but I was watching this show that said when you’re younger you should multi date to see what you like. It’s just a lot of pressure to join the apps and
I don’t want to feel like whenever my old boyfriend isn’t giving me attention, that I can hop right back on the dating sites. I want to have fun but also know there’s more to life than dating. I’m in college and wanna focus on studying and stuff but still like I said I wanna know there’s more guys out there.
I also wanna be more open about it and let people know I’m on the apps I just don’t know if it’s a good idea because like I said, it’s time consuming and I want to teach myself there’s more to life than that and it’s a lot of pressure to see who likes you and who dosent and I have anxiety lol.
So I don't know I tried it before and was done for a while and swore I’d never do it again but what do y’all think?
Should I meet guys this way?
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