Its between one of these new guys or my ex, what should I do?

I dated this guy last year for about 5 months. We really loved each other but we got into what seemed as a lot of fights so I broke up with him. We have had short flings after that and dated other people but I think I still might have feelings for him HOWEVER there are two guys that seem to be interested in me. Should I try to be with my ex or one of these new guys?


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  • just stay away from an ex, as someone told me : an ex is an ex for a reason. try new relationship with the one you like the most.

  • lol I'm kinda in the same problem as your, what I'm doing now is following my heart think well before you make your choice, because once you take that risk you don't wanna look back and regreat.i think that new people are always ood but if you have strong feeling for your ex o back to him , but think really good before you choose . you don't wanna choose the wrong person .

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