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Boyfriend asked me to get breast enhancements?

So it's been a long distance relationship for a year and a half, never met. I woke up this morning to his text asking if I wanted breast enhancements and if I would consider talking about it. I was at first hurt he even suggested that, then I got mad at him for that. He's asked me a few times if I want breast enhancements since we've been dating. Each time I've said no, saying I'm happy with my size (I'm a 36 B, I think that's plenty big considering I'm 19). So I went off at him, saying how I'm just starting to like myself, I don't want to go back thinking I'm not enough. I also compared that to me saying his d*ck is too small and he should have a bigger one. Shallow, yes, but that really hurt. I've never mentioned wanting bigger boobs, and frankly, I don't like how fake boobs look. Is he allowed to ask me to change my body for him? Was it okay I got mad and told him off? He's never seen or touched my chest in person, and yet he's talking about me getting them bigger. Is that right? He's mentioned it enough times that I'm starting to think he hates my size...
Boyfriend asked me to get breast enhancements?
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