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Girl takes forever to respond and won't confirm 2nd date?

We met up for the first time last Friday. Seemed to go well, good conversation, she was playing with her hair, necklace, rings, laughing, all that stuff... When leaving I asked if she wanted to met next weekend. Made loose plans for this weekend, swapped numbers, hugged and parted ways.

Couple points
-She paid for the date though I offered
-Answered her phone for work during the date (thought that was iffy)
-She was the one to end the date
-Did not text me at all this week

She is very carer oriented so I know time for followup can be short. But it only takes a minute or two to set up a date. We texted for almost 2 weeks prior, wasn't very flirty/interesting convo. I just figured she wasn't much for texting and was busy with work.. no big deal. Sometimes taking hours or a day to respond.

Are some of you girls that wrapped up in work where you won't respond to a guy for a 8/+hrs or a day? I don't mind not texting constantly, but let me know if you want to follow through with plans or not.
I'm going to cut my losses and move on, just wanted to get some thoughts/opinions.
Girl takes forever to respond and won't confirm 2nd date?
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