What is the best type of kiss that your guy can give you?

Girls what's the best type of kiss that your guy can give you?

For me its when me and my boyfriend and I are cuddling and he kisses my head.

I don't know why but I think its the cutest. I'd take it over a french kiss anyday. I feel it has more meaning, like he appreciates me more then just for sex, he adores and loves me.

what do you think each means, and what's the best for you personally (guys answer too).

  • French Kiss.
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  • Kiss on the hand.
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  • Kiss on the cheek.
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  • Forehead kiss.
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  • Other, and explain. (:
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I was sure I put this in the 'Dating' category..


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hmm, guess I'll have to vote E even though C would cover it somewhat, too.

    While my girlfriend seems to love both gentle light kisses to her lips and long passionate 'pull each other down each others throats' kind of kisses, she also loves those cute 'loving' ones the most, I think.

    When I get into the bed and she's half asleep, and I gently kiss her on the cheek or the neck, or her chin...generally anywhere on her face except her lips. A little gentle kiss which is enough of a kiss to make the kissing sound, if you understand what I mean.

    It's either that, or me kissing the back of her neck when she's falling asleep while her back is to me, and I'm wide awake. She likes it I think because the back of your neck is generally 'weak' compared to other areas of your body because it's covered with hair most of the time and isn't really touched much either, so it's extra sensitive. Well, maybe.

    I'd include kissing the rest of her neck in a passionate way but that also includes sucking so it can't really count.

    Anyway, hope that made sense. Nice poll. :)


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  • always enjoy kissing her neck where it meets the shoulder...usually from behind because it's less awkward


What Girls Said 3

  • I just love french kissing...so hot :)

    I know what you mean about the forehead kiss though :)

  • My favorite is having my neck kissed, but I agree with you on the head kiss thing. It just seems more loving and sweet. :)

  • Those really gentle lip kisses.

    I like french kisses, too. I never did before my current boyfriend, but for some reason, it's much better with him.