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I think I was racist, I am black and he is white? Not intentionally?

He also didn't pursue me. He did not pursue any of his exes and his friend said he preferred women to go after him. All his exes did. I am from the south, I never even knew women pursued men who were'nt embarassing women.

So now its been 2 years he is a few years older but we went to the same college Ok. I will admit. I was only interested in other black people who was taller than me, polite, caring, intelligent smart, and interested in me to show up. There was one guy like that. He was an idiot and me and my girl thought he was lame in the end. He kept trying to pressure me too.

Anyway, I had a huge crush on this other guy. He is white. And I could not help but to think he like many other white guys and racist guys (i feel gross thinking of him in that way now though)

I did not think he would be interested because it never occurred to me. I think I inspired a project he had for his senior project. My friends could not get over how much his project it seemed like everything I liked. No guy had ever done something like that. So it was then sr year..., he started the project in the previous year. This girl was like scared of me and trying to be nice to me. I messaged him to try and hang out and he posted that the same girl was his girlfriend. He then blocked me on IG a:( After i tried to hang out with him anyway even though he had a girlfriend. ) After i liked his posts.
He has actually been the most morally sound, mature, with values man that I have met with an even temper.

And now its 2 years and he broke up with his girlfriend. I kept thinking oh she's a pretty white girl. :) . I think my thinking was flawed... It reads bad on paper too I am angry at him because he blocked me one thing after making this whole project thing that my friends felt reminded them of me.
He moved to the two places I wanted to move to the most. I have decided to move where he is, because i wanted to go first anyway. He is on the west coast.
I think I was racist, I am black and he is white? Not intentionally?
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