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Im very confused what should I be thinking?

I really need someones advice this has just been clouding my mind...

Me and my ex split a few months ago but we have been in heavy contact for about a month now.

she's very on and off, talks sexual with me like teasing and what not, brings back past memories, and we hang out. Though all this she says she's over me but wouldn't mind trying again in the future.

She has been hanging out with this guy who is her friend, he spends a lot of money on her (i couldnt cause i just didn't have the funds for that so i guess she wanted to finally be spoiled after two years lol) and she swears she feels nothing for him.

Well they hang out pretty late together and she always tells me that they aren't having intimacy, even though i never ask her about it im not sure why she finds the need to tell me that.

I honestly dont believe her i dont know what a young girl in her 20s would be doing out with a man around 24 drinking and just playing games?

I understand the concept of guys and girls being friends without a relationship or anything sexual but its me overthinking.

What do you guys think its actually clouding my mind really bad at this point lol.
Im very confused what should I be thinking?
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