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Girls, do you believe Exotic?

I am of Northern European descent. There is kind of a stereotype of non-European women being perceived as "exotic", especially Asian women. Stereotypes do often have a factual jumping off point. In this case, there is evidence that genetic divergence makes stronger young. So with my ancestry non-Northern European would be ideal for stronger young. I've met beautiful women from various descents and have been attracted. I've had a greater rate of attraction to non-European women, but still have been attracted to European women. The greatest genetic divergence for me would be women native to South America or Australia. My brother married a Peruvian. I do find skin preferences to be pointless, but I like long black hair. Since I've been attracted to a range of women, I'm not hard pressed to seek South American or Australian. I've received interest from mostly Asian and African American women. Do you buy the "exotic" argument and are Northern Europeans perceived that way to you? Or do you think there is more at play in society.
Girls, do you believe Exotic?
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