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A Tough Situation?

So I’ve talk about this girl I like previously on my other post and it’s getting pretty tricky and I don’t know if she likes me the same way or not.

So pretty much we talk a lot together and always have a good time chatting we are both really into photography and we have similar interests and hobbies and she still touches my biceps, my pecks and my sides And she sometimes rubs her hand against mine and grabs my hand and holds hands for a little while and she always smiles and makes me laugh. We have each other on instagram and we always like each other pictures. And I really like her because when she smiles at me she always brights up my world But I live in a share house and one of the rules are that we are not to have a love relationship with the other room mates and she is my roommate but I can feel that my feeling for her is always growing and she loves it when I give her massages and she gives me massages as well and one night me and her were just sitting on the couch watching tv and then she got a snake lollie and put it in her mouth ( not all of it ) and she wanted me to come to her and bite off the other snake lollie with her And ever since then I fell for her even more.

what should I do? And does she like/love me the same way? Pleeaassee Help
A Tough Situation?
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