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Why do men complain that its easier to date as a woman?

the way I see it, men and women have pretty equal playing ground. If a woman acted like the typical man; pudgy, no makeup, not shaving, not ideal hygiene, and tall (its the female version of short) then they would be rejected pretty much as much as the typical man. I'm not saying all men are like this, but the ones who are complaining don't put in any effort into themselves. If you want a woman who isn't level with you, then level up! You can't be hitting on ideal women when you yourself are not putting in any effort. Its unfair and insulting honestly. I spend money on waxing, dental hygiene, pay extra for the cuter glasses, skip out on junk food for salad, get nicer clothes, i get my nails done or lay out to tan; and don't even get me started on my makeup costs.
Of course, I do that for me; but it really puts a person on a different standard. I'm not interested in a guy who doesn't do any upkeep in his own personal care. The only exceptions is if they're academically or financially higher on the chain than me. Because then we would both be putting in efforts in different places. I dont need them to have more money, just to not be lazy.
If I didn't put in these efforts, I would be rejected. I've been rejected before in my youth and I'm sure that's a lot of the reason, I was more focused on anime and video games then I was on looking and feeling good.
If you want to stop getting rejected, then hit on a girl who puts in the same effort, or get up and put in that effort you expect from a woman.
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y'all neckbearded simps mad for getting called out huh. Here's my tip, go take a shower 🤣
Why do men complain that its easier to date as a woman?
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