How many of you , girls would like to date with me if I ask you out?

answers are expected to be based on following criteria-

my complexion - wheatish

hairs- dark brown

eyes -dark brown

height- 5 feet 7 inches

built - average

humour - mid

social- introvert

drinking and smoking -occasional

education -graduate in pharmacy

and I am a lazy guy , I don't have intrest in eating like girls do.

and I have average looks as per myself /though I have been told good lookin and cool often . And yet I'm struggling for a secure career, willing to have an MBA frm a good b-school(girls look for security too) and at present I am an extravagant person ( I usually tend to spend money anywhere so why not on a girl ) albeit I am from a middle claas family .

And with all this I am a romantic guy wants to love and to beloved , I write poems I love music and watching movies .

I think it's more than enough to answer the question

noone yet took last 5 -6 line in consideration perhaps..?


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  • I don't know what you mean by lazy, but outside of lazy and assuming girls like to eat out- which I don't I think its retarded to spend time getting to know someone with rediculously expensive food in your mouth. you sound fine, unless lay make you a jerk.


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  • No.

    Average looks

    You're short

    No muscles

    You're lazy

    Personality (minus the sugar daddy aspect rocks) but not enough to overlook the lack of height, looks, muscles, and future fatty (lazy)

    • yea I m not that muscular but still I ve a fit body.

    • You put average.

      Average is not fit to me.

    • o sorry I don't hav contact no of brad pitt

  • You sound like a cool guy to me. :)

    • thank you at least someone goes positive

  • No. I don't want a lazy guy as a boyfriend, and one that smokes. It's not showing that your responsible.

    • I m lazy but , I make all efforts whn I get on some work, my friends say that I can do anything . and smoke its only whn I sit with ma frnd and they tell me to hav one drag that's it and yea I take responsibilities but not in the form of stress.

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    • Lmao the QA can barely speak English.

      "Middle class family."

      Keep dreaming.

    • @kcar j

      welcome you re noticed / purpose fulfilled ...bravooo

  • No. Sorry,but I don't want to have to do all the talking.

  • "I don't have intrest in eating like girls do."

    what does that even mean?

    • majority of girls like eating out so much wht I don't like / I like wandering places but not eating all aroung tht s what I wanted to say.

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  • I couldn't date someone who says 'you girls'