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When do you meet your bfs parents & live together?

I always wanted settle down early and live with my partner. I got jealous as my step sisters and step brother got to live early with their partner own home in early 20s. I’ll be 23 and I spent past years moving back in forth with mom sleeping in same bed & alone. I have one boyfriend barely since March this year but it’s very slow, i haven’t met his parents & I never been to a family holiday or party with a boyfriend. Ik him long time many years. He’s truck driver & we meet for date 2x a month. I’m going to rent my own studio but feel lonley. I feel low as my mom n her friend talk of the many ex bfs they had n how they lived together etc & I’m alone. Yet I don’t want do serious things fast n break up have many ex bfs either. Still we aren’t at point where I can say come to my family home Thanksgiving or plan month ahead of vacay trip together or plan what furniture buy.
When do you meet your bfs parents & live together?
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