Is she playing around, does she want something and what should I do? LADIES plz

So I've recently started liking this girl I've been seeing, however I'm always worried about our friendship :P See I just lost my best friend after confessing my love for her so the last few months have been bitter to feeling and being more than friends

Anyway, we met at a party, I got her number and we've been running in circles ever since... I get the idea the idea she might feel something from the way she lights up at the sight of me, when she holds the eye signals I send which simply say I like you, at least I hope that's what she's doing or else we're both awkward social retards :P and strangely I get it too from the fact that she keeps me at a distance from her social circle and only spends time alone with me, I'm hoping to claim me first

Anyways, I was just looking for some input on things that might be on her mind and what I can do to make that first move, we have two more weeks of school so I really don't know what to do... thanks


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  • did she want more


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