Does lack of contact always mean lack of interest?

So I've been seeing this guy for about a month, it has been a little intimate. I've known him for about a year, we have mutual friends. He's never been a big talker in between us seeing each other, every once in a while he'll get in touch with me and vice versa. Not a problem, we aren't in a relationship yet and we both are busy people. Normally we'd see each other once a week. The last time I saw him was 4/19 and he told me he got a new job but still had to work his old job at the same time for the next two weeks since the new one starts right away. This obviously meant no time to see each other, but no big deal I wasn't gonna have any free time in the next week and a half anyway because of school/finals/graduation from college.

Nevertheless, I checked up on him and his new job a few days later and he told me how great it was but how tired he was at the same time with working 2 jobs. On Easter, he texted me happy Easter. Not hearing from him for so long, last Wednesday I decided to say Hi and sent him a text asking how he was. He didn't respond till about 5 hours later and never texted me again after that. I thought that was a little strange but figured he was tired.

I went out for drinks with my friend who I met him through and coincidentally, her boyfriend was actually hanging out with him that night. We've been trying to plan a week at a shore house in August for a few weeks, and they had asked me and this guy if we wanted to come down together and have a room for us. I said OK and so did he that night. So I guess if he wasn't interested anymore he would have said no? Anyway, I talked to my friend about this and she thought it was a bit weird he hasn't been talking to me much lately but assured me that he's not a big talker even with his friends and that he's not the type of guy that would just stop talking to a girl. She also said he's been telling a lot of people he is close to how much he really likes me and that made me feel good. So there's that. I just wish he would at least say hi and I definitely want to, I'm just always afraid of coming off too desperate or needy.


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  • If he's telling his close friends how much he likes you, then he must. Although is he a little standoffish? The communication is clearly lacking, as you said. You could always text him and say, "it's been a while, stranger! how have you been?" Something like that.

    • He's not standoffish when we've hung out. And I was about to text him that but I really don't want to come across as needy or annoying, even though the last time I contacted him was Wednesday.

    • OK, you know your situation better than I do. In my case, I used to text a boy during winter break from college, and he would either text me days later or not text back at all...and I don't think he was all that interested in me. Sometimes it's better to save your pride than come off as a pest.