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What if dating was blind?

For women a little makeup and some cleavage give you open access to a vast list of men. For men a fat wallet, cute curls, and muscles does about the same. Women fight over these men but is that really for the best? What about the other 60% of men you don’t consider because their not worth your time?

It may seem like it’s in women’s best interest to fight over the best men but the best men just pump and dump. They have options and you are one of many. This give them a big head and encourages them to continue while the other men feel negative emotions towards women for being rejected time after time. This creates the players and the “nice guys”.

Imagine for a minute the cutie at the bar walks up to the man and starts flirting. Imagine women dating a man that’s less than their ideal. If this was the normal then we could cut the players profit and the nice guys numbers. The systems to biased against men that aren’t in the top 10%. These men are what carry the stigma for women.

Who knows you might find the 6 you never noticed is a better quality than the 10 you’ve been chasing for years.

Sorry for the quality but the first masterpiece was deleted and I lost interest half way through the 2nd time around.

What if dating was blind?
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