In love with two girls, is there a right thing to do?

So I was with this girl (girl 1) for a year and 3 months, and for the first year it was great and we we're both really happy together but it turned sour towards the end with constant arguing, countless break ups and getting back together untill I finally ended it.. it wasn't the best of break-ups and she hated me for a couple months and I had tried to get her back but we Haven't spoke since. This was about 2 months ago now.

I never planned to meet another girl for at least a very long time.. as I still had strong feelings for (girl 1).

But just a couple weeks ago, I was on Facebook when a familar name popped up on suggested friends (enter girl 2).. We got talking and texting and met up, and we had so much in common and she is absolutely stunning - she's a model/cheerleader and we even like the same sci-fi programmes like star trek and stargate.. she seemed so perfect to me... and she plays xbox...

We met up a few more times and we kissed. I really fell for her quick and she fell for me too..

Untill just 2 days ago when (girl 1) saw me and (girl 2) shopping together, it was something I rarely did with (girl 1) and later that night I had a text from (girl 1) saying "how was town?"..

The conversation between us wasn't great but she eventually admitted that she still loves me, and wants me back. But she agreed to just be friends again.

Today I find a new set of text's from (girl 1) reminding me of all our great times together and our sex life..

I end up admitting I still have strong feelings for her.

I didn't want to go around (girl 2)'s back so I rang her and told her about (girl 1), her reaction was to reassure me that she understands but really wants our relationship to work and would like it if I stopped talking to (girl 1).

I'm so lost as to what to do.

I honestly love both of these girls and have to remind myself there was a reason my last relationship didn't work with (girl 1).

They both know about this and I've told them both I need time to think.

If stay with (girl 2), I'm worried I might realize (girl 1) was the love of my life and I wasted my chance with her.

If I finish with (girl 2), I might loose the most perfect girl I've met and end up in another unhappy relationship with (girl 1).

What to do?...

(girl 1) has now told me she will always love me, but wishes I stay with (girl 2) and be happy with her...
also just realized I've put this in the wrong damn category...


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  • Only you will know the answer. Who will make you happiest in the long run? Who do you prefer to spend time with?

    I have never been in your situation, having to choose between two, but these two questions are what I would base my choice on.

    • Thanks, I was asking myself those things and its horrible to try and eliminate one of them.. I'm settling for girl 2.. girl 1 has already reminded me of what it was that made me end it. impatience, selfishness... no matter how great the good times or the sex life was, it wouldn't work... It feels like I've finished with her all over again..

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  • you can't be in love with two people. you may love two people... but only be in love with one! and that's the person you can be completely honest with, make mistakes, and live happily.


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  • well it's up to you on what to do... but I peronally would move on from girl1, think she hated you for the first few months, you haven't talked... then she saw you with girl2 shopping! She got jelous and wants you back, tipical story! I would try to make it work with girl2, she does seem perferct for you! girl1 is holding you back... my opinion

    good luck :)