Girls giving out numbers?

I got this girls number the other day and it seemed to me that things were going well between us. Things like her asking me what I like in girls were strong hints that she seemed into me. We were talking for a good couple hours. She seemed like a good girl, with a good head on her shoulders, knew what she wanted and was quite intelligent.

A day later she's changed her relationship status on Facebook to "in a relationship". Did I miss some thing haha.

Surely if you liked someone you wouldn't have given your number out?

Do I act like I don't know? What would you say after that?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Not all girls are good girls trust me, depending on her age and what kind of girl she made out she was too you, you might not have been the only ones got her number.

    It all depends is she still texting you and acting as if nothings up or have things changed between you? Don't believe everything a girl says, I'm a girl myself lol I know these things..

    Dont even become interested in someone, enough for it to question your mind unless you really know what she's about.


What Guys Said 1

  • lol, bummer dude... Don't overthink the number, giving a number doesn't mean your at the top of her list.