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Is he just not into me anymore?

Me and my boyfriend havnt had sex in 3 weeks we also havnt kissed in just as long
Its went on that long I dont even want to try incase he rejects me
Even when we've been drinking nothing happens which is usually wen he gets more touchy feely
It's just hard because he's told me about past relationships and how much sex he's had with them and when they lived together it was every night
I feel like he obviously just dosnt like sex with me
3 weeks is a long time so I'm sure he's just sorting himself out
He goes for naps and I'm thinking now this is what for and I'm scared he's talking to someone else
Why else would he have no interest in me
I feel like a friend not a girlfriend and I'm I'm proper down about it
Just think hell brush it off if I try speak about it
I feel awkward to bring it up
What do you think and what should I do
Is he just not into me anymore?
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