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Am I being a bitch and over reacting?

Went on a first date with this guy.. talking and flirting, just super chilled date I wasn’t dressed to impress had my leggings on and a T-shirt.

Had a date with him last night and I dressed to the 9s.. nice dress heels yanno made an effort to impress him as the first time I didn’t.. the first words out of his mouth was ‘why you dressed like that? Why you made such an effort?’
im not one to be a bitch but am I wrong for thinking he could of passed a comment on how nice I looked? I’m so pissed off and hurt I know it’s are second ‘date’ and he didn’t dress up like I did but I did it to impress him and show him I made an effort due to me liking him so much.
he hasn’t messaged me since after the date asking if I got home okay and I’m that mad at him I don’t know if I should? Would you? What should I do?
Am I being a bitch and over reacting?
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