Torn between TWO guys & I don't know what to do..... :/

I've been best friends with this one boy since I was in first grade.. Now I'm seventeen years old. And me and this boy began "talking" on the verge of going out. . . But this is where the twist comes in, My other really good guy best friend I've been close with for five years now... We use to "talk" last year for a few months then stopped...He's talking to another girl, but he's also still in love with his ex... BUT now, me & this other boy caught very strong feelings, he told me he loved me recently and everything. & I'm very confused on what to do because...They are TWO totally different people, I like them both so much for different reasons...They both make me happy, & I can see myself with either of them... I just don't know what to do =/


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  • Honestly, I've been in this position TOO many times, and I think you're going to figure it out on your own time, and that is what you have to do.

    Don't rush into things, it's high school and things are going to come and go faster than you believe.

    If you want to jump into things though, I suggest writing a pro and con list for both guys. This second guy with the girlfriend and this other girl and you, doesn't sound like the right choice, and you should consider that GREATLY in making your decision because it hurts to find out that a guy you like is into other girls-- basically he seems like a player just from that sentence that you said.

    You'll figure it out. (:

  • Ok, why don't you send them both my way? That way they're off your back and onto mine ;)

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