What kind of dress should I wear for prom?

i just saw the movie "prom" and it totally dint help


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  • as long as it looks good on you & you feel comfortable in it, it doesn't matter what "type" of dress it is. Shop around & try several dresses on.


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  • i may be wrong but isn't prom a scary movie. or is that "prom night". if its a scary movie, no wonder it doesn't help. its not meant to be nonfictional. its meant to scare

    • I have an inkling that she's talking about the disney movie that just came out... or is coming out? I don't know. It's new. lol.

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    • i wanna look hot...not geekey...no offense and who is kimono?

    • you want to stand out, not hot. if you look hot, ull just be old news. kimono is a type of dress. I worded it wrong.

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  • For junior prom I wore a long Lord of the Rings-type princess dress. That velvet-y type drapey sleeve, lace up, no poofyness kind of dress.

    For my senior prom I wore a kimono. I got all the different layers and all the different ties for the obi, the special sox and sandals.

    If I were you I'd got for something unique, don't be like every one else, put yourself out there!